Metrics and attributes for the Guide Knowledge Base reporting dataset


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  • Mary Paez

    There are three reports I use for KM metrics:


    1) All Draft and Published articles owned by each Agent by region ?


    2) Lst of all agents and # links, #feedback, # create actions in Knowledge Capture by month


    3) Link rate = # tickets closed with links / # tickets closed each month


    Are these possible using Explore?


  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Mary Paez,

    There is another dataset that is already in Explore around Knowledge Capture that covers some of these.  There are some basic details here.  

    #1 currently isn't addressed, #2 and #3 should be as long as they are dong through the knowledge capture app.  There are gaps still if you workflow includes creations from directly in Guide.  Though I'm hoping that the Explore release notes that indicate a team publishing dataset is incoming might help address #1 and Guide-side creations for this data. 

  • Jessica Strozyk

    It would be nice to have some more details on the metrics. For example, how is it possible that there are more articles viewed than articles in total? And why are there even more, when looking at translations viewed, when our help centre is currently only available in one language?

  • Vitaly Zhidkov


    Do you plan to add more attributes to this dataset?

    For example article labels, sections and more information about signed-in users (user id, name, etc.).


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