Default Chat Trigger - Without Auto-Opening of Chat

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  • Robert Wiesemborski

    Hi Braeden,

    You can create a trigger that has the "Run trigger" condition set to "A visitor has loaded the Chat widget". This mean the trigger will run as soon as the visitor has opened the widget. You can then add other conditions (e.g. "Department xyz is online" to make sure agents are available) to fit your requirements. 

    Let me know if that solved your issue.

    #helpsome regards,
    Robert Wiesemborski
    Solution Consultant @


  • Braeden Eastman

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks, this does sound like what we're trying to accomplish. I had attempted to make use of that setting previously, but some of the conditions set were marking every online user as chat activated. When I checked in your chat and spoke with someone, they said what I was trying to do wasn't possible, so I've turned my attention to the online chat form for the widget. 

    With that said, for this trigger, what conditions would I set to do the following:

    -If it's during our online chat hours (account status > equal to > online, right?)
    -If the user has opened up the chat widget ("a visitor has loaded the chat widget," right?)

    If both above are true, then send them a message of our choosing.

    What we don't want is for this trigger to open up the chat widget unprompted. We only want the trigger activated if the client clicks on the widget to open and start a chat, and then we want the trigger to populate the main space before the client actually starts the chat. 

    Let me know if this will work, and we'll test it out.




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