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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I cannot replicate this problem.

    When an automation or trigger updates a ticket, the updater role is null and appears blank. You can isolate these updates by filtering for Updater>Role>NULL

    Because automatons and triggers cannot leave ticket comments, the [Comment present] = TRUE condition in the metric should always be false. So the agent comments metric count should always exclude business rules updates.

    Perhaps if you can share how the report is made up in the query editor, I can take another look?

  • Ben Weaving

    Thanks for your feedback, let me try and show you.


    This is the query built. Using the standard agent comments metric. Ticket channel set to only show email and web and updater name set to filter out null.



    Additional filter set to only show with updater role of Agent or Admin.



    The default agent comments metric shows the following:


    IF ([Comment present] = TRUE AND [Updater role] != "End-user")
    THEN [Update ID]

    In other words this surely means any role other than "end user" will be counted in this metric?



    On the dashboard this is then filtered by date to show sunday in the example below when no agents were in. When i looked into some examples there are all counting tickets that have been updated by triggers/automations.


    If i then query the data and look into some of these using decompose.



    Looking into the events on the date in question shows:







    This is when using the date filter within the ticket updates dataset using the " ticket updated" option. When using the "update" option it seems to work but looks like it is still a bug.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    It will be the choice of dates that is causing the confusion.

    'Ticket Updated - Date' is the date the last update was made to the ticket including updates by business rules.

    'Update - Date' relates to each event that can change a ticket.


    So in your case, ticket 104522  was last updated on Sunday and there has been one agent public comment against the ticket (not necessarily made on that day).

    Just for fun, if you filter your report on ticket 104522 and remove your name filter to allow business rules to show.  Then include in your rows:

    • Update timestamp
    • Changes - Filed Name
    • Changes - Previous Value
    • Changes - New Value

    You should see that when for example the status moves from Solved to Closed by an automation, the Agent Comment count will be zero against that row.

    ...but I do agree it is very confusing and easy to get the dates confused.



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