Ability for social DM's (FM/Twitter) to come through as chats


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  • Amie B

    Hi Meg,

    I think Zendesk Support will point you to look at using the Zendesk Social Messaging Add-on. Which brings these types of conversations through into Zendesk into a more chat like interface - although not directly through Zendesk Chat itself. You're welcome to check out more info about it here:

    Zendesk Social Messaging add-on

    Hope this helps. :)

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for suggesting it, Amie B ! 

    Meg Palazzolo, we rolled out an improved social messaging experience which provide real-time, conversational experience for agents handling social messaging conversations. It is supported on Agent Workspace, an omnichannel agent experience. Agents will be able to respond to chats, email, calls and messaging conversations from a single interface.  

    More information can be found in the articles linked from the announcement post.





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