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  • Graham Robson

    Hi Oliver,

    You may like to check out our Performset offering for advanced SLA | OLA Management for Zendesk. This is a complete replacement for native Zendesk SLA Management which can be a little limited in some cases.

    Zendesk's resolution measurement options are predicated on the principle that the SLA stops being managed when the ticket is solved. However, it may be the case that the customer is not satisfied, the ticket may re-open. 

    With Performset, we specifically support the ongoing management of ticket SLA passed the initial solved event.

    We have some customer who are also regulated and they make use of further capabilities that we have to arbitrarily start and stop SLA's, indeed define multiple custom SLA Event Types. As such, we can model and reflect your particular regulatory driven communication flows.

    Happy to have a chat through your context and discuss how we might be able to help. Reach out to us a

    Thanks, Graham (Cloudset)





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