Unable to determine on the agent end if the calls are overflow


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  • Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi James, 

    Thanks for getting in touch. 

    The current behaviour is: 

    • When Talk sends a call to an overflow number that is not a Talk number, a Support ticket is created. This ticket contains the tag, call_overflow.
    • When a call is sent to an overflow number that is a Talk number, a regular ticket with no tag is created.

    Can you help me understand why adding a tag to calls that overflow to a Talk number would be of value to your agents? 


  • James Paquera

    Hi @...
    Apologies for the delayed response. 

    This is for us to determine in actual that the call is overflow and the agent can determine that the call he/she received is an overflow call. Since Agent has a different process if the call is overflow. 

    Hope you understand what I mean. 


    James P. 


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