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  • Zac Renault
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jahn,

    Could you please create a ticket for our support and enable access to your account as well as providing the URL of query for which you have this issue and we'll be happy to investigate this issue for you.



  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Hi Zac,

    Already reached out to Chat Team and they will forward you the ticket number and the URL Shortly.

    PS: I keep on hearing that Explore is not a reporting tool but rather Insights Tool. Hope we can do something about this, atleast we can have the luxury of exporting report with 50,000 rows.


  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Any update on this one? 

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Definitely a need to increase the 50,000 row limit. I know that it doesn't necessarily translate to exactly 50,000 rows in the report but on the backend. This is a huge limit for us as we are trying to identify trends. It is difficult to identify trends when you have to set time ranges, split up reports, export reports (it is no longer at first glance), limit that data you look at, etc. 

    We should be able to build a single report to see the information we need rather than many. This requires time, wasted effort for maintenance, money as we have to pursue other reporting venues, etc.


    Please invest in expanding Explore.

  • Transcom

    I would like to know how can I export more than 500 recods. I tried it from the report and from a dashboard, but seems there is a limit. How can I increase or change the limit?


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