Connecting external data sources to Explore

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  • Laura Campbell

    Hi @... , what kind of external data are you looking to plug into Expore? For example, is this data in an SQL or Oracle database? Or something else? Data about your products or services or about your customers? Just looking to understand your use case a little better!

  • Vladimir Petrushenka

    Thanks Laura. If possible, we want to normalise certain types of Zendesk tickets contact against our own product's data. So for example, we'd like to build reports that compare complaint tickets against total sessions for our website/app in order to get a ratio of complaints/sessions. We have the product data in various places, but for example Tableau.

  • Jon Thorne

    Agreed, this would be really useful

  • Nicole

    I agree. We create quotes and plan installations via Odoo. It would be great to be able to link that data in Explore with the number of calls and tickets created each week, to e.g. get a contact to order ratio. 

  • Stéphanie Cettou

    Hello, I would love to have this possibility, too. 

    My need would be to calculate the ratio between number of tickets and the usage in hours of hours manchines. I can for sure do this in Excel, but bein able to enter this in Explore would permit to have everything into the same page. 

  • Lucas Poignant

    Hello, I would also be interested by this, to compare our volume of tickets against our volume of transactions (external data). Thanks

  • Kirby Drumm

    Same here...similar to Lucas Poignant, want to correlate #bugs filed vs #tickets.

  • Anthony Checkas

    This is a feature we would also find valuable. Ideally via some sort of connector (SQL or a REST API or...) that we could establish mappings in so that we're not forced to continually re-upload bulk data.

  • Mark Pinfold

    100% would be useful. Using Zendesk Explore as a story telling tool to compare our support and guide actions against other impacts and outcomes (external data sets) would be a business reporting game changer for us.


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