How to handle automated holiday replies

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  • mccabe.tonna
    Community Moderator

    Hi Otto,

    Do you have an example? 

    I'm trying to fully understand the context

  • Otto Lindqvist


    Sure, our workflow goes usually  so that customer service who are using Zendesk handles most of the tasks. But quite often they have to ask some things from purchasing assistans who are not Zendesk users. Now when assistant is on vacation or sick leave for example, Customer service do not have the information about that and they still send subticket to that assistant. Now they are not getting any automated replies because they go to trash and they just wait and maybe few days later wonder why there is no reply and that is something that affects quite much to customer happiness because reply times are then longer.

  • Holly
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Otto,

    It sounds like the automated replies from the purchasing assistants are being routed to your Suspended ticket folder. There are a few different options to keep these replies from being lost:

    1. If the purchasing assistants are using a different Zendesk account, you can set up a ticket sharing agreement with them and sync ticket comments so that either party is able to update the ticket.

    2. You can add the email address of the purchasing assistants to your allowlist. Often this will allow replies that would normally be suspended to update the ticket, but depending on the cause for suspension, this may not be effective.

    3. You can set up suspended ticket notifications in Admin > Settings > Tickets so that you'll receive an email with new suspended tickets. This way, you can review these messages regularly and recover any messages routed to this view.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions on this.

  • Otto Lindqvist

    Hi Holly, thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately these wont help in this situation.

    1. Assistants are not using Zendesk

    2. According to cause for suspension article it's not helping because automated emails are not allowed to be unsuspended. 

    3. We receive quite a bit other suspended tickets, which are suspended for a reason, so email reply wont really help.


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