Online courses to write better Knowledge Base articles in Zendesk


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  • Elissa Tikalsky
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi Jason Mooney,

    I'm hoping some of my coworkers and others in the community can jump in with some more suggestions but I wanted to share two things that you might find useful.

    1) Though you may not be writing for Answer Bot, this guide give some great "best practices" for writing well organized help center articles that can be helpful beyond that specific use case: Optimizing your articles for Answer Bot

    2) Totally outside of the world of Zendesk, here's something that has stuck with me since a high school english class: The Elements of Style by William Struck Jr. and E. B. White. Sure it's quite an old book, but it is a great little resource to start thinking about concepts of how to craft clean, clear, precise and well articulated writings. I'm sure I break those rules every day, but it is a great thing to get you thinking about how you write and how to make your writing even better.

    I hope those help!

  • Amie SuccessCX

    Hey Jason,

    You should check out our friends over at Knowledge Bird here:

    April has some great courses on just what you're looking for here. :)

    Hope this helps,




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