Query not showing Tickets with Org assigned to ticket when requester is affiliated with multiple Orgs

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  • Thibaut

    Hi @...

    As mentioned here: Managing users in multiple organizations
    "The default organization is used in Explore for reporting. You can report on users according to their default organization only."

    I believe that would be the issue in your case, as if those tags are linked to a secondary org. and not the main one on the user profile, then it would not appear in Explore. 

  • Dana Coffman

    This is really a big problem, does Zendesk have any plans on improving upon this?

    My choices are to have the same person listed 20 times because they manage 20 accounts (aka pharmacies in our case) just to have report accurate.  


    Have the person listed one time, but the reporting will show the same default account multiple times.  Duplication of metrics, not a true reflection of what Organization was on the Ticket.  VERY BAD DESIGN!


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