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  • Arpan Nagdeve
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jordan, 
    We have a fix available for FRT which is under an EAP, same can be enabled for your subdomain please reach out to your account manager or create a ticket for us to enable the fix. We intend to do the GA the FRT metrics reporting in Q3 for all the customers. 

  • Luyolo Dungelo


    Has this feature been made available as yet?

  • Maude
    Hi Luyolo, 

    FRT for Messaging is now available in Explore. You can find it in the Ticket dataset, and it can be displayed in seconds/minutes/hours/days. 
    Just a quick note on this, the FRT messaging feature does not include SLA. This is a planned feature that is currently on our roadmap for Q1 2023. 

    For more information about this, you can follow this community post:

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