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  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Stephanie -

    Triggers are only checked when a ticket in Zendesk is created or updated, so unfortunately there's no way to notify an agent using triggers when an Organization is changed. Perhaps adding the Organization fields values to the default "Notify agent..." triggers could help, by reminding agents of the current account status of that customer? See Using placeholders and the Zendesk Support placeholders reference if you're not sure how to do that.

    You can also let our product team know this is functionality you'd like to see by posting to our Feedback on Support forum - see Product feedback guidelines & how to write a good feedback post for suggestions on making your post as useful as possible. Thanks!

  • Ben Beggs

    I also have this problem. Our help center and documentation hinges on information in the Organization to form proper segments.  Since the segments require tags, and there is no automation around tagging either, you're basically completely out of luck if you want to be proactive and categorize your help content before someone has to open a ticket.  When a record update is committed to the database, be it for a ticket, user, or organization, I see no reason why trigger rules can't be evaluated at that time.

    Furthermore, it's annoying that the trigger builder lets you build and save a triggers that lack a ticket condition without any warning that they can't fire. That's just poor UX.

  • Marsy

    Our company also has a need to set the organization based on a ticket being created with a certain form.  Our company contains coaches who lodge requests on behalf of multiple members.  More than one coach can service a member or hospital. It makes it easier for them to see the log of communication at an organizational level in our help center for our coaches who can view all tickets in their organizations.  It also helps our coaches when they are in the field to review this area to update our Dr's of their patients.  We do not have the organization option open in our form as we extend this form to multiple hospitals and nurses who can also submit tickets on behalf of members.  

    My question is, is this something that is on the roadmap for the near future?


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