Time out issue with Time Tracking app

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  • Chris Alexander

    We are experiencing the exact same issue. We have narrowed the issue down to a single agent, but are unsure what to do. 


  • LG Canada

    We are also experiencing this exact same problem but with multiple agents.   Can this be resolved as we need it to report on handle time for tickets.

  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi DJ and anyone else still getting updates here! The behavior that is being noted here is expected if the ticket submission takes longer than 60 seconds, which we note in our documentation. This would not be something that could be handled within the app, as this is a necessary component to ensure that an unresolved promise doesn't continue indefinitely, holding up the entire ticket.save lifecycle. I would recommend reviewing the settings that you have in place for the Time Tracking app to ensure that they are configured in a way that works best for your agents to ensure that this doesn't happen as frequently or at all.


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