Internal Comments on Guide Articles

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  • Orion Seaver

    Ryan McGrew

    Hi Ryan,

    This Feature Request is 5 years old with 38 customers requesting it.

    This limitation has a major business impact for us.

    Can I please get an update on the status of this Feature Request?

    In the meantime, is there a workaround?


  • Chris Hay

    Hi All,

    I too would like to see this system change. Having a KB that has the ability to have both public AND private comments could help streamline our KB system, and provide us support agents with more information within a single article.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Orion Seaver thanks for taking a look. My proposed solution made sense for my team at the time as we were using Zendesk internally and our notes weren't problematic if someone internally saw them.  I wouldn't recommend it for public help centers where your notes may have internal process hidden away.

    I'm holding out for this feature myself.  Make sure to add a vote to the post if you haven't already so that the Zendesk PM team can get the signal that this is a priority for you. 

  • Orion Seaver

    This Feature Request is 5 years old with 42 customers requesting it.

    This limitation has a major business impact for us.

    Can I please get an update on the status of this Feature Request? Ryan McGrew stated that there would be an update available soon in 2018.

    In the meantime, is there a workaround?

  • John

    Thanks for the update Katarzyna Karpinska!  Unfortunately for us and I'd guess most other organizations, Content Blocks don't really address the need here. I suppose it would be ok to use as a temporary workaround, but it doesn't really meet the need and would create a lot of clutter in the list of Content Blocks. 

    Many of us just need a way to put a piece of text in the article - either inline or preferably as a whole separate field that displays inline - that is an internal note or section. Our support engineers use articles as much as or more than even our customers do, and having the ability to have both internal and external content in the same article is so important. 

    Without having this ability, we have to create two separate articles for one issue. 

  • Orion Seaver

    Thank you for the update Katarzyna Karpinska

    I would agree with John Streeter. Content blocks might be better than nothing. But it seems like a cumbersome workaround that may be difficult to manage long term.

    What are the long term plans to have this as a full feature in the product? :

    • A way to see agent only (secret) content on publicly available articles in Help Center
  • Claudio Proietti

    Hi, Katarzyna Karpinska
    is there any news related to the possibility of having internal comments on the articles?

    Do you have an ETA considering that we are already in July?

    Also, do you think the possibility to comment on the articles could be extended to the Lite Agents too?


  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Claudio Proietti, as much as it still stays on our roadmap we are not currently working on this request. We are focusing on the images in CB and upgrades to our editing tools. You can always check what we are working on on our roadmap.

  • Matthew Kentala

    It would be great to get this on the roadmap and it's pretty frustrating that this hasn't already been added.  The request has been out there for a number of years.  Honestly, this seems like a basic thing a product like this should offer.  There are many times you need to reference associated tickets, internal pages, internal bugs, etc.  

  • Malin Ahnstedt Sjöström

    I agree with this as weel, It would be a valuable feature to have internal comments for the content in the KB. 


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