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  • +1. Have several customers that would die for this.

  • Marie Laurenza
    Zendesk Engineering

    Hello Stephanie and Walter -- please check out Sell's integration with Mapsly! It is a rich and deep integration that should provide you with the functionality you are requesting.


  • Stephanie Church

    Thanks, Marie.  Mapsly is intriguing, but is too expensive for us to use in addition to Sell.


  • Jakub Trojan

    Google maps integration in Zendesk sell has been a critical function for me and my company ever since it was integrated in the platform, for years I've been waiting for this view to be implemented in the browser version on Windows as well. 

    We work in real estate and working with a map system makes the CRM infinitely more usable to us. There are workarounds - like emulators of android for windows but they don't give the necessary performance and they also drain the battery life of laptops very quickly which is far from ideal.

    As I said, this is a critical function for us and as I can see for other companies as well. You already have the feature in the mobile app, the integration is also already there.

    I know that back in the Base CRM days the developers were working on it as it was one of the most requested features. 

    Mapsly is overpriced and would make the functionality over complicated, the functionality that you have now in the mobile app is more then enough, we just need that on the desktop/browser.

  • Stephanie Church

    My sales management team asked me again about this feature today.  Please consider adding it to the Sell product roadmap.


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