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  • Paulo Connor (paul.connor)

    What browser are you using?

    The native spellcheck in chrome should work but it will not work for others like firefox.

  • Colton

    We use Grammarly, it's brilliant! 

  • The Curated

    We are using Safari - that is good know, we will try using chrome!

    There were mixed reviews for Grammarly so we haven't tried it yet. Thanks for your feedback :)

  • Sydney Neubauer

    We are a big company that has specific rules in downloading 3rd party apps.

    We also use different browsers where the behavior can differ

    It would be preferable if Zendesk had a native spellcheck - upvoted!

  • Anastasia Kachanova


  • Rebecca Hill

    We use Grammarly and it is great, but would really be useful to have something within ZenDesk that won't send until errors are corrected or accepted.

  • Yorhanna A.

     Adoraria que o Zendesk tivesse o seu próprio corretor autográfico, ajudaria bastante nossa empresa. 

     O trabalho de configurar máquina por máquina com o time de suporte para instalação de aplicativos terceiros (por questões de segurança) afeta demais a disponibilidade dos agentes e controle da necessidade em cada uma destas máquinas. 


  • Amanda Rice


  • PatientenserviceSavir

    Wäre auch mein Anliegen.

    Viele Grüße


  • Attractive.Media

    Wow - thought something like this would be standard in an app as developed (and expensive!) as Zendesk. When it is added, it could be something we toggle in Admin to either:

    • Turn Spellcheck Off Globally
    • Turn Spellcheck On Within Tickets Only
    • Prohibit Tickets from Submitting until Spellcheck Issues Resolved

    Hopefully we can get this on the roadmap pretty soon as using more third-party apps for functionality that could be native in Zendesk doesn't feel so great, imho.


  • Atanas Tomov


  • Rosemary Mayers

    When can we expect a spell checker built into the Zendesk Guide? We have to write, then copy/paste to other product, for spelling/grammer check (production time is lost) and sometimes miss errors, which is embarrassing. 

  • Vinicius Henrique da Silva
    Zendesk Luminary

    Realmente Zendesk, já esta na hora de algo nativo e seguro para os clientes.

  • Zulamir Sofian

    Running on Chrome and Zendesk is just bonkers for not having proper spellcheck system. The detection rate is just so bad that it stresses me out the little things. Not sure about other browsers though. Leaving this comment here so when someone searches "zendesk spell check" sees this and still doesn't work properly. 🤡

    Some extensions don't work as well like I am using "Change Case" for Chrome and it doesn't change the cases when highlighted.

  • Vahe Khumaryan

    A native solution by Zendesk would be great, taken that extensions like Grammarly affect ticket view behaviour even in Chrome

  • Nick S

    +1. Would be great to have this natively in Zendesk. 

  • Boyan Spasov

    +1 on this feature 


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