Tip: Get Notified in Slack when @Mentioned on a Ticket

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    Suzanne James

    To achieve a direct ping (mention) in Slack when you are mentioned in a Zendesk ticket, you're on the right track by configuring the JSON message for posting in a Slack channel. However, just including "@Suzanne" in the JSON message doesn't automatically translate to a mention in Slack due to how Slack handles user mentions in their API.

    In Slack, to mention a user, you need to use the user's unique ID rather than their username. User IDs in Slack start with "U" followed by a series of letters and numbers (e.g., U123ABCD).

    Here's how you can adjust your approach:

    1. Find Your Slack User ID:

      • You can find your user ID by clicking on your name in Slack, going to your profile, then clicking on "More" and choosing "Copy member ID."
    2. Adjust the JSON Payload:

      • Once you have your user ID, you need to adjust the JSON payload to use the Slack format for mentioning a user. Instead of "@Suzanne", you would use something like "<@U123ABCD>", where "U123ABCD" is your user ID.

    Here’s an example of how your JSON message should look:

    { "fallback": "<@U123ABCD> You've been mentioned on a ticket", "pretext": "<@U123ABCD> You've been mentioned on a ticket", ... }
    1. Configure Zendesk to Slack Integration:

      • Ensure that your Zendesk to Slack integration is correctly set up to send these notifications as intended. This might involve configuring webhooks or using Zendesk's built-in Slack integration features.
    2. Check Slack App Permissions:

      • Ensure that the Slack app (which is posting these messages to your channel) has permissions to mention users. Depending on your Slack workspace settings, there might be restrictions on which apps can mention users or post certain types of messages.
    3. Test Your Configuration:

      • After making these changes, test the configuration by having someone mention you in a Zendesk ticket to see if the Slack notification correctly mentions you.

    That should handle take care of it!  

  • Kelsey Davis

    This is really cool, and we would have a similar need/use-case. But we don't use Slack. Does something like this work for MS Teams?

  • Amie

    This is cool, but it would be great if you could please provide us with a screenshot and the exact details you used for the HTTP target you created so we could easily just copy the setup instead of having to wade our way through it in a separate article. :)

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
    Most Helpful - 2021

    Kelsey Davis I did some searching and, based on this Zendesk community post back from 2018, it sounds like you can create an HTTP target for MS Teams. Once that's setup, you'll be able to follow the remaining steps in this post to get it setup.

    Amie B. That's a great call! The actual JSON I'm using is pulling in some custom organization & ticket fields which is why I didn't include it initially.

    I went ahead and removed those fields and the below JSON should help get you what you need. You can definitely tweak it as needed or desired though!

    "fallback":"You've been mentioned on a ticket",
    "pretext":"You've been mentioned on a ticket",
    "title":"Subject: {{ticket.title}}",

  • Amie

    Awesomeness! Thanks for updating the article with that for us. Much easier now to give this one a whirl. :D

  • Tal Raviv

    Popping in here to add an alternative method: use Slack's email forwarding feature

    On Slack, open your Preferences and go to
    Messages &Media.
    Scroll all the way down to the
    Bring Emails into Slack section.
    Click the Get a Forwarding Address and copy the e-mail address.


    On Gmail, open your
    settings and go to
    Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
    Click on
    Add a Forwarding Address and paste the address you copied from Slack. Click Proceed.

    From there, you can create a search filter and have it forward to your slack address. 

  • Jared Young

    The help article linked is broken or not accessible. Is there an alternative link that can be provided so i can understand on how to set this up? Thanks. 



  • Danielle Biondo

    I am seeing the same!

    Chandra Robrock (Chandra Robrock, Chandra Robrock

  • Bruno Lima

    Any plans for making those articles accessible to us?

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
    Most Helpful - 2021

    Jared Young Danielle Biondo Bruno Lima - Apologies for the delayed response! The previous email notifications got lost in my inbox. 

    I wrote this user tip back in 2021 and, since then, Zendesk deprecated the HTTP target feature, which would explain why they also archived the help article I previously referenced.

    I'll make note to edit this tip to reflect their newer Webhooks feature but, in the meantime, you can follow Step 1 & 2 of this help article: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4763619757978-How-can-I-receive-notifications-in-Slack-when-a-ticket-is-rated-negatively-

    I'll post another update once I've had a chance to update this User Tip accordingly. 

  • Danielle Biondo
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Chandra Robrock thank you! We found that article and this is what we setup currently and is working for us. Appreciate the response! 

  • 윤세희

    Thanks! I solved it thanks to 😆

  • Suzanne James

    When I am @ mentioned in a ticket reply, I have it configured to post in a slack channel and have added the keyword "Suzanne" to my slack settings. Is it possible to set it up to ping me in Slack? 

    I've tried formatting the JSON message to say:
    "fallback":"@Suzanne You've been mentioned on a ticket",
    "pretext":"@Suzanne You've been mentioned on a ticket",

    @Suzanne is my Slack name. 

    But the notification only shows in my slack Activity feed. 



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