Zendesk Calls made through a Zendesk Ticket should use the currently selected line (From the Phone Dial options)

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  • Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...,

    Thanks for the message!

    Just to confirm the logic -

    If the call is made from the ticket. Phone number used to dial out defaults to the number that the call came in on.

    Only if the number the call came in on is not enabled for outbound calling - the phone number selected in the agent's call console is used to dial out.

    For a workaround in your case - When dialling out via ticket, agent can select "Call - Enter a number" option, where agent can put the customer number in the call console and also select a different outbound caller ID. 

    See the top most option in the image attached.


    Hope it helps. If you are still struggling with the issue can you share some screenshots of the part of the product you are using to make the calls. 



  • Dana Coffman

    Work around helps, but is a clunky option for a tech company honestly.  

    Instead of picking the Requesters phone#, I have to select "Enter a number" to enter the same phone# again just to change outbound caller ID.  Should be a smoother fix.

  • Bozhidar Hristov

    This is not optimal, as it would create a new ticket. We cannot use this for our scenario.
    I have done further testing and it would seem that when you do not have the "Direct Line" option from the list, this happens. I am not sure if this is intended or not, or if it is just a coincidence on my end.

  • Arnold le Rutte

    I agree with Bozhidar above. This is a major software bug and not simply a feature request.

    Zendesk markets the Talk / Support products as being able to handle multi-brand, multi-department organisations. In our case we are a multi-brand, multi-department and global business. We therefore have lines setup in multiple countries for each department.

    Why can we not lock relevant lines to only be available to the staff that should have access? Further more why can we not select outbound line in use. 

    I should expect that when you click "Call" in the ticket, zendesk should actually prompt the user to select the line they would like to use or worse case use the last line selected in the dialer widget.


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