Want a trigger that will assign missed calls to agent who support a particular language


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    Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Mamantha, 

    Yes, it should be possible to do this using Triggers in Zendesk. As the phone number involved in a missed call get added to every ticket subject, you can use this information to assign tickets to a specific group of agents (or an individual Assignee). Example: Let's say that you receive a missed call from a Spain based phone number. The ticket created for that missed call should have as the ticket subject "Missed call from Caller +34 xxx xxx xxx" (All Spanish phone numbers will start with the +34 prefix).

    You can use this information to create a trigger condition since we know that a missed call from any Spanish phone number will always begin with the same string in the ticket subject e.g. "Missed call from Caller +34" .

    I would set up the trigger as follows:
    Meet ALL of the following conditions:

    Subject Text  - Contains the following String - Missed call from Caller +34

    Group is Spanish Speakers

    Where "Spanish speakers" is a custom group you can create and assign one or more Spanish speaking team members to the group. Or alternatively you could assign the ticket to an individual assignee instead of a group.

    Any additional questions, please let me know. 



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