Zendesk Talk | Agent can Talk to another agent

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  • Stephen Hamilton

    this is crazy!!

    Why can agents not call each other??

    Where is the logic with this policy

    Please make this available urgently.

  • Donavon Hilligoss

    It's literally called TALK. Seems to me this would be first-tier functionality.

  • ILVA-Sara Jensen

    I agree that this opportunity is a must-have in the TALK feature - especially now that we are still in Covid-19 times and many agents work from home??

  • Sam Collins

    Yep we would love for agents to talk to each other in app just the same as forwarding. This seems like basic functionality.

  • Rina

    Agree with other posters, especially now that working from home is more common than ever. It just makes sense!

  • Robert Delbueno

    I agree. Badly needed feature.


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