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  • Chandra Robrock
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    Hi Jane! It is expected that your end users would receive a welcome email from Zendesk when your Help Center is enabled by default. However, this wouldn’t actually add them as an Agent (only an End User) / access to your systems. This help article from Zendesk should be a helpful resource for you: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/227437147-Customizing-the-welcome-email-and-the-account-verification-email#topic_vcv_xqj_v1b

  • Jane

    Hi Chandra, 

    Thanks for the reply! We have to maintain our help centre for our FAQ and store information. 

    We have had customer complaints as it gets confusing as they are getting emails to sign up for something they didn't really ask for. 

  • 17LIVE CS

    +1. Our customers feel scammed. Because they were asked to create another password outside our app, could you make it a configurable option? It's awful for the customer experience. 

  • Adrian V

    Similar issues here.

    I've been running a Help Center for nearly 2 years now and only today found out that if I try to initiate contact with someone who's not already on our Zendesk system, instead of my message, the recipient just gets that wretched "Please click the link below to create a password and sign-in."

    I don't even know how many times we've unwittingly sent this to someone who was actually looking for help! And I know it's happened before! While all our support requests end up in Zendesk, not all our support requests start in Zendesk. This explains our absurdly low response rate for issues from those channels!

    We are 0% interested in having users sign up for accounts on our Zendesk platform.
    We have no desire for comments from our users in our support articles.
    We absolutely do not need our users faffing around with a profile just to receive support emails.
    And we certainly don't need to confuse the hell out of our users by asking them to create a second account in addition to the one they set up on our production site. (Which also has happened! I ended up having to get into the theme code for Guide to rip out the buttons that invite users to create an account.)

    We only want to use Zendesk as

    1. A means for facilitating email communications with our users in a ticketing system, and
    2. Hosting our collection of support articles.

    This forced feature is seriously pants and I'm strongly considering moving away from Zendesk as there seems to be no way around it.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Adrian,
    You can disable the option for the welcome email when the user was created by an agent or admin.

  • Adrian V

    Thanks Dane,

    I have just attempted to toggle that setting and send myself (personal email address not previously seen by our Zendesk environment) a test message.

    It seems that nothing is coming through now.

    I've detailed our desired use case below, and I've included what actually happens in (brackets) where this deviates from what we need.
    For this use case example, we have 2 actors, the Support Agent and the Recipient end user being supported.
    Also worth noting is that Recipient initially contacted us via a channel that is not at all connected to our Zendesk account and their email address is handed to my department via a DM on Slack.

    1. Support Agent creates a new ticket on Zendesk and enters the Recipient's email address in the "Requester" field.
    2. Support Agent types out the body of the desired message in the "Public Reply" text box, and clicks on "Submit as New"
    3. Recipient receives an email from our decentralised support email address with the body of the email consisting of the message Support Agent typed into the Public Reply text box. (Instead:
      If the "...send welcome email when..." setting is enabled, Recipient receives an unsolicited email that suspiciously looks like a phishing attempt asking the user to confirm their password for our Zendesk support environment.
      If the "...send welcome email when..." setting is disabled, Recipient receives nothing at all.)

    I just want to send Recipient an email from our Zendesk environment.
    We specifically chose Zendesk over a shared Google Inbox because we want to

    • Have a decentralised queue of queries that can be access by multiple agents,
    • Assign tickets to agents,
    • Make use of ticket statuses,
    • Leverage the help centre reporting and analysis tools, and
    • Curate a knowledgebase of support articles.

    But honestly it's looking like we should have opted for that Google Collaborative Inbox and a small website hosted elsewhere for the support articles.

  • Michael Roy

    We are having this exact issue as well, and need a solution, but I don't see anyone responding to this. Has anyone found a resolution? Frustrating. 

  • Adrian V

    Hi Michael Roy

    Someone from Zendesk actually reached out to me to help review our settings and see what was up.

    Turns out there was a problem with our Triggers setup.
    If you want a new ticket created by an agent to send an outbound email, make sure that under Triggers in your admin centre you have the rule "Notify requester of new proactive ticket" active. It should have the following rules under "Meet ALL of the following conditions":

    1. "Ticket > Ticket" - "Is" - "Created"
    2. "Ticket > Privacy" - "Is" - "Ticket has public comment"
    3. "Ticket details > Current user" - "Is" - "(agent)"

    And it should have the following rules:

    • "Notify by" > User email"
    • "Ticket > (requester and CCs)
    • Email subject = {{ticket.title}}
    • Email body = {{ticket.comments_formatted}}

    This will make sure that when an agent proactively creates a new ticket for a "requester" that the requester gets an email about it.

    The welcome email settings I thought this was related to are actually not related at all. Disabling that setting will simply prevent Zendesk from sending an account creation/welcome email when a new contact is created in Zendesk.

    I've attached some screenshots so everyone can see what those Trigger settings should look like.

    I hope this helps.

  • Paolo
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Michael,
    The suggestion above from Adrian would be a possible fix for your issue. However, if this is not the case, we will need more information about the issue for us to address it properly. Kindly reach out to our Widget to create a ticket in our queue. For more information, please refer to this article Contacting Zendesk Customer Support. Thanks!
  • Michael Roy

    Thank you Adian, these are actually all set correctly. However, I may have not conveyed the issue properly.

    We have given up on the initial request, since nothing seemed to work, however, now we are simply using the ZD contact form for the customer to contact us. Except it's not working.

    When a customer submits a request on the form, it does create a new ticket, however, when we reply to it, the customer does not receive it. Any ideas what could be happening?

    thanks for the help

  • Adrian V

    Ah, that is a different beast entirely and could be caused by a number of things.

    Initial thoughts are either the Notify Requester of Public Comment trigger not being correctly setup, or possible outbound email/smtp settings not being aligned correctly.

    I'll definitely advocate for taking up Paolo's suggestion of submitting a support ticket. Zendesk support folks have been nothing but effective, pleasant, and extremely helpful to me.


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