Voicemails in IVR for specific extensions after live call is attempted


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    Joey Barrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey NOT A SITE,

    Thanks for reaching out! What you are trying to achieve is possible, it just needs to be set up in a certain way.

    One phone number, has one voicemail. If you had 1 main line with an IVR on it (Press 1 for Accounting, 2 for Customer Service and 3 for Marketing) - have that IVR route to number instead of group, then you can have individual voicemail greetings on each number. You would need 3 seperate phone numbers (1 for each department)

    There is a caveat, and that is the cost. It will cost double per call to do it this way, if you want to try it out and take a look at the usage charges page for the test call you make that will give an indication of cost.


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