A better way to manage attributes and metrics

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  • Monica

    I would appreciate this functionality as well.  It's easier for a colleague to review a created metric in a list rather than in a query. Being able to categorize them so they're easier to find is helpful.

    I'd also add in that I'd like a notes section.  I like to include any help article links for metrics I've created in case I need to refer back to them later.

    Metrics and attributes should be able to be shared across datasets so there's one place to maintain them rather than having to edit them for each dataset if something changes.


  • zz zz

    Yes, please. It's one big mess now. We need them in one place with an indication where a metric/attribute (especially custom) is used.

  • Franco Landa

    +1 It is definitely a pain to have to open up a query to view our calculated metrics/attributes. A separate page/section to manage them outside of queries would be amazing.

  • Grace Wu

    +1, it is a mess and hard to manage.


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