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  • Ad Astra Support

    Agree 110%! 

  • Sam

    +1. Also, when using the Link to Help Center Article feature, it would be nice if the link text was dynamic and could update if the linked article has changed titles.

  • Kalle Windefalk


  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All, thank you very much for your comments. I can see that this functionality would be useful and it fits in the area of reusability of content which is in our focus at the moment. We don't have this feature on our immediate roadmap but I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future. 

  • Rebeca

    Katarzyna Karpinska found this post now and wondering if this is in the works now.

    It would be extremely helpful now that I need to update many articles and possibly archive some more.

    Not knowing specifically what articles are linked to other articles makes it very difficult to avoid leaving some broken links in some places.



  • sorin

    Rebeca the Help Center Manager app will help you identify which links are used in which article, search and update them in just a few clicks. It's listed on the Zendesk's marketplace here.


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