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    Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you everyone for providing feedback.

    1. Auto-responders - Accounts using social messaging in Agent Workspace should be able to setup automatic responses from Chat Triggers, when agents are offline. It will be similar to the  setup outlined here.

    2. Using Triggers for CSAT collection on WhatsApp is on our roadmap. It is coming very soon. Again, this will available only to accounts using social messaging in Agent Workspace.

    Feedback noted for the other scenarios outlined in the threads - sending followup messages , messages by language. We will take the feedback into consideration for the social messaging roadmap. 

    - Prakruti

  • Allan Ruiz

    I'm looking for a way to implement an autoresponce with Whatsapp for Business and I see I'm hopeless.

  • Becky Kux

    Hi! I am on the same page here.

    I would like to create notification automations using Whatsapp as the channel, so that my tickets that were initially created by end users on Whatsapp that have not been responded to within 24 hours do not close. The team doesn't work on the weekends so responding on time during these times makes it imporssible to reach out to them in time.

    Currently I can only set up an automation to send the customer an email, which changes the channel for the customer and can lead to a confusing / bad customer experience.

  • Thomas Capit

    Hi! I'm also looking for a way to configure automated responses in WhatsApp tickets that are not answered after 12h to inform the user that their ticket is been transferred to email. Unfortunately, I see there is no way to configure delayed automatic replies to WhatsApp. This is really frustrating.

  • Beau P.
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Thomas,

    You are correct, presently there does not exist the ability to produce messages via triggers or automations back to Whatsapp, only the ability to act upon tickets created via Whatsapp within the resultant ticket thread. While I don't have specifics on the potential possibility or introduction of such a feature, I'll mark your feedback from our product team in this regard.


  • Jorge Herrera

    SAME THING HERE! I need to trigger reply messages for whatsapp new tickets outside working hours. Also, we are planning on programming bot interaction for welcoming and auto group/department assignment.

    In my scenario, 90% of incoming tickets come from whatsapp integration, making this lack of features very significant.

    Already looking for an alternative platform...

    I suggest ZENDESK to take a look ASAP! I believe this shouldn't be a difficult development task for them.

  • Cesar


    the only way I know to do this is using SunCo. This has a huge cost for the client, and requires a developer. Sending a Whatsapp notification when a ticket is received should be possible out of the box in my opinion.

  • Lisa Roels


    Hi! I'm also looking for a way to configure automated responses in WhatsApp tickets that are not answered after 12h to inform the user that their ticket is been transferred to email. Unfortunately, I see there is no way to configure delayed automatic replies to WhatsApp. This is really frustrating.

    I completely agree with the above and wish to be able to do the same.

    Also, having just one autoresponder for a multilingual brand is not the most optimal thing. With triggers or automations, it would be possible to set up answers in different languages according to the requesters's language, whereas now we have a really long autoreply.

    It would be extremely helpful to be able to set up notification triggers and automations for WhatsApp.

  • Erkin Yaşar


  • Dayana Flores

    Hi there.

    I'm having problems with WhatsApp.

    I have a trigger that read the comment and based on key works it should route the ticket to the right group. 

    When the ticket is created in Zendesk the ticket visibility is PRIVATE, and 15 minutes after change to PUBLIC. Only until this moment the trigger fires. So, this is a real problem for me because I'm taking so much time for attending the tickets. 

    I need help here.

  • Elevate Admin

    Hi, can this be rectified yet? It is very odd that this works for most channels but whatsapp. 

  • George Reinoso


    How is possible to enable Chat Bot using WhatsApp, I was able to create a Flow Builder but it seems it only works for Web chat. 

    Thanks for the help.


  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi George,

    Utilizing Flow Builder for Social Channels such as WhatsApp is currently available as an EAP. If you are interested, kindly go thru this article (Flow Builder support for social messaging) and sign up for the EAP.

  • Ashley Yau

    Hi Team,


    I would like to know is there a way to customise the CSAT message in whatsapp? Currently customer has to manual insert GOOD or BAD (and only exact wordings would be count), is there a way to change it to something similar with the CSAT rating for messaging? Thanks

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Ashley,
    As of the moment we don't have this capability. There is also a similar request here. I'd recommend creating a Community post separately for that with your use case to help get more visibility and votes on the idea. Then, others can share their use cases to further drive demand for that feature. 
  • Johannes Ganter

    Hey guys,

    why is the trigger "updated via Whatsapp" not working? I'd like to route a ticket to a specific group, based on keywords the customer is using in his initial message. But the trigger I set up doesn't fire. Why would you even offer the above trigger condition if it doesn't do anything?



  • Brenda Cardinez
    Hi Johannes, 
    To route tickets based on the channel they were created at and from the initial comments, you would need to use the condition "channel is Whatsapp" instead of "Updated via Whatsapp".  This would make sure that the trigger will fire upon ticket creation and if the ticket was generated via Whatsapp. 
    Thank you!

  • James Clarke


    I have the same issue. My company wants us to use Whatsapp messaging but we will fall foul of the 24hr rule because we aren't in at the weekends. Without the ability to set triggers to give different messages depending on whether we are in or out of office hours this is not a viable solution.

    I can see there has been no response to this request since July 2021 - has there been any development on this?

    Is it possible to set the auto responder to state if we are in working hours or not and offer the customer different alternatives, such as 'open an email request' if out of hours or 'hang on and we'll answer you' if within working hours?

    Do we get in and out of hours placeholders for Whatsapp auto responders?


  • Tobias

    Same here. The 24h rule is currently forcing our team to work on weekends or to frustrate our customers that will never get an answer. Are there any other best practice workarounds?

  • Erkin Yaşar


    If you are using smooch, by the help of proactive message templates on smooch, you may create automatic messages for out of office and may also send proactive apology messages to customers to continue the existing conversation / start a new conversation. You may directly contact  us through . We may assist you as Zendesk Premium Partner.

    Thank you.

  • Maky

    Hi everyone.

    Same here. My company has a WhatsApp number which is impossible to send offline message that we could send before migration to Agent Workspace. I don't know what to say to the partner because it worked before but now it doesn't. 

    I did not find the way, on the weekend I manually send messages to WhatsApp users who write to us to send us the email address to contact them by email on Monday.

    At least give us the option to send on weekends a different welcome message.

    This is a very big problem to us.



  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    Wanted to drop an update on this post. 

    We plan to continue to invest in Triggers and Automations for messaging channels, including WhatsApp. Please use this thread to discuss / comment and provide feedback. 

    - Prakruti


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