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  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Thank you for your patience here, Ines!

    There is a limit of 30 elements on each Help Center page type, but can use the pagination helper {{pagination}} to allow you to show the next 30 sections within the section page. (it will only render when there are more than 30 elements).

    There is a bit more information here: Can I add pagination to my Help Center?

    Hope this helper helps you resolve this!

  • Inès POLET

    Thank you for your answer Jon. :)

  • caroline.maguire

    I have the {{pagination}} helper included in my list of 87 subsections. However, even with pagination enabled the maximum about of subsections it will enable me to see is 30. Once I get to the 30th value in the list I can scroll no further. It seems like this isn't a pagination problem. I can't seem to find anywhere in code editor where it is specifying the limit of the subsections should be set to 30.


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