Creating Multiple Mail Distribution Lists


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  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Rather than use a ticket to send the update, could you use an article in your help centre?

    If all 37 end users are following the article comments, each day you add a new comment with the daily report and it will be sent to all subscribers. 

    To set this up, assume the identity of each end user and subscribe them to the daily article. It is a bit of work to set up, but once done it should work fine and does not affect your ticket reporting. 

  • apn pgc

    Thank you so much Graeme Carmichael sharing detailed answer. It helped me in solving my problem as well as it will help many others in future.


  • Matthew

    hi Graeme, 

    many thanks for your response.

    yes that would be the first point i would have headed to however the problem is, we don't use the help centre. for the simple fact no one would access it. this is the dairy industry and the plans are going out to Farmers, Hauliers, Customs for Export  etc. we are lucky if half of the recipients use a mobile so requesting such to access a portal is a nonstarter. 

    secondly the planning update is a system generated PDFa (we don't own the system) which cannot be altered so the article would have to be managed. 

    whilst i still look for an option i'm going to fudge a solution together where the ticket remains open and is updated daily. then set the trigger against a bespoke tag (dist_list) to send Last comments only. and the attachment of course. 

    the search for a solution continues :) 

  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Sorry that does not sound like a starter for you.

    Just to make sure you are aware. Your customers would not have to actively use the help centre other than receive the email updates. You can set that up for them by assuming their identity. But there is a risk that they later unsubscribe to updates.

    You can attach the PDF to the article comment in the same way that you do with a ticket. So the end user should get a link to the system generated PDF.

    Good luck with your search and I hope you find a solution.


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