Add "Back" step in "Flow Builder"

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  • Nate

    Brett Bowser were you able to find the add-on that Jeffrey mentioned on 6/22? This is a crucial feature that I would like to implement and it would be helpful to know what the third-party add on is so we can use this in the meantime. 

  • Jeffrey Porter

    Also - what's interesting is that Zendesk HAS this functionality.  They just have not released it yet.  When you request help from Zendesk, you can have multiple tickets open, and the bot presents those options in addition to the option of asking a new question.  I'm not sure why, if that feature has been in use by them for at least 6 months+, that there isn't a release date to their client base.

  • Rob Lajeunesse

    Simple answer, it's because it's custom code enabled by Sunshine Conversations.  To fully use that, you likely need a developer and additional SKU when you exceed a relatively small amount of MAU.


    Agree this should be standard.

  • Ashley Moore

    We need this basic function.

  • Simon Blouner
    Community Moderator

    This would be such a good feature! Please implement..

  • Natalia Maglioni

    Hola necesitamos tener la opción "volver atrás" y también "Menu principal" es importante tener esto cuanto antes ya que los clientes entran en un loop sin salida, si ingresaron a una opción que no contiene la información buscada no pueden volver atrás o al menú anterior y esto genera una mala experiencia.

  • Dan Cross

    Adding to this - this is a necessity - Adding a Back button - call it Begin Again, Start Over - whatever is most intuitive but it is needed for all the reasons noted in the thread - 

    This explanation of what was coming from ZD really doesn't answer the need for the back/start over button.  If we can train the bot to find articles, it seems you should be able to add a button allowing our customers to start their bot experience over.  This came from ZD back in 2022:

    The bot building experience will be updated where you can create bot answers as a separate flow and train the bot to recognise specific phrases which the bot will direct the end-user to that particular answer flow. This way the end-user won't be stuck in the loop, they can simply ask their question and the bot will find the best match answer flow to direct the user to, taking them to their answer quickly.  We hope this update will help improve the end-user experience, helping them find their answers faster.

  • Elinor Kyrk

    We need this basic function asap! We get alot of confused tickets from customers who are unsure how to proceed. 

  • Spyros Spyrou

    I've moved our organisation away from Messaging for this reason back to Live Chat. 

    This is extremely disappointing and frustrating and will definitely be taken into consideration for next year's planning. 

  • 小林正左子

    Shiyu Zhu

    I'm surprised they're still considering it.
    I don't think it's the kind of part that changes behavior depending on the language, and we all want this feature.

  • Philip Crump

    +1 to this feature. We have customers that want to be able to allow their customers to start the conversation again from the welcome message. This would be a big boost to flow builder.

  • Chad Susa (Gravity CX - Zendesk Partner)

    I agree. This really is required functionality for a pleasant end user experience for reasons described in many of the posts here.

    I also think it's unusual that Zendesk doesn't have this capability considering their focus on great customer experiences throughout all their products.

    Maybe if Zendesk could share their concerns and use cases as to why they don't have this feature it might help us understand why it's not there and how we can align more to the experience the product team at Zendesk want us to build. Or maybe it's extremely hard from a technical standpoint.

  • Aaron Mitchell

    My company is in the process of switching over to Zendesk messaging and I have to say this is the biggest UX problem we've encountered and its kind of mind blowing that this isn't supported. Customers can return weeks later and still be in the exact same spot of an issue they no longer need help with. Sure they can type a question to start over, but our ability to proactively surface the most useful and commonly used content to our users when they enter the experience, at the beginning of their support journey, is one of the biggest perks to using Zendesk Messaging. If that perk is only available once in the lifetime of the customer, the value of Zendesk messaging drops significantly. I would point to Kate Horners comments (from almost a year ago!) as a good starting point. Having some form of 'restart' and 'back' functionality is table stakes for a chat experience of Zendesk's scale. 

    I see you've provided an update from September, so I hope you are truly prioritizing this and listening to the helpful and informative suggestions your paying customers have provided in this thread. Thank you. 

  • Kris

    Would it be possible to receive an update? We have just switched to messaging on one our our brand and yes its annoying that you cannot go back to the previous flow.

  • Rina

    Gonna request an update on this Shiyu Zhu (tagging Aaron Mitchell, Chad Susa (Gravity CX - Zendesk Partner), Simon Blouner Dan Cross but can't tag Kris - not sure of which Kris to us lol!)

    The last update in September didn't give much insight, so I wonder how this has progressed please - can we have some news? We want to make our messaging experience much more user friendly however our customers are still stuck in loops due to a lack of 'return'/ 'start over' feature and this is a recurring complaint for most


  • John

    Hello Zendesk team, any update to this? It is causing us major complaints both internally and externally on how there is no "go back a step" or "start again" button. Our company has created a chat flow that might require stepping back many times. Please update this feature!

  • Jason Thees

    Adding another voice to this. Seems like a very basic functionality that should be easy to implement, exists in almost every chatbot I've seen, and has been requested for years. We really need this, Zendesk.


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