I want to duplicate tickets


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  • Julio Cesar

    Tim Hardin, maybe the Collaboration Add-on can help you with that. You can create tickets for other groups when they meet some criteria.

  • Heather Rommel
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    Unfortunately, no you can't create 2 tickets from 1 email unfortunately. 

    In the use case you're describing, just thought I'd share that in the past, I've set up a system where the ticket goes from group to group to get things taken care of (assuming no info is included that can't be shared). I put in a series of checkboxes for each step in offboarding on the Offboarding form and we trained the teams to check off when they've done their part of the ticket and just hit submit (not submit as solved) and I had a series of Triggers that would automatically reassign the ticket to the next group in line needed to do their task on the ticket.

    When all checkboxes were checked, I autosolved the ticket.

    The drawback to this method is you can't really measure who's spending time on the ticket based on # of solved tickets. You'd have to use a time tracking tool of some sort if you need that. Or just assume a certain % of the team's time is allocated to onboarding/offboarding.

    The other option is Julio's suggestion above. I'm not a big fan of side conversations, because it feels scattered/unruly to me. Just my personal opinion though.

    Hope something here helps!

  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
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    An automatic way of of notifying the second department would be a trigger. You could send a notification to another group- but it is not really using a new ticket. You could add a follower to a ticket, but that would be a named agent and not a group.

    I agree that side conversations can be a little messy but it keeps all actions in Support. You cannot initiate a side conversation from a trigger but you can with a macro.


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