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  • Chandra Robrock
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    The Update - Date attribute should help get you what you're looking for. After building a query using that date attribute and doing some quick QA on my end, it appears to be returning the results I'd expect. What does your query look like currently?

  • Julia Schlichting

    I actually compared the reopened tickets for 3 different dates: Ticket solved - Date, Ticket updated - Date and Update - Date. The results are all completely different. Because we missed many tickets with the first 2 dates (= ticket dataset), we already decided to go for the Update - Date of the ticket updates dataset. I checked again some tickets and it seems to work.

    Do you have a documentation about dates and its corresponding metrics or similar one as for metrics & attributes? This would be great!

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Marco
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Julia! Chandra's suggestion is spot on. I can't find any specific documentations regarding it, but basically ticket solved - date would only show tickets solved on the dates listed, ticket updated - date takes into account the latest update made on the ticket, and update - date will look into the update made relevant to the report, which in this case is when the ticket was reopened. 
    Hope this clarified it for you! Cheers! 
  • Lindanne Mureu

    How can I get the daily number or reopened tickets(email and WhatsApp) if I do not have explore? Our plan is Suite Growth.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Lindanne,
    I'm afraid that aside from Explore, there are no other native reporting options that will allow you to get the count of reopened tickets. Your current plan should have access to Explore Lite which gives you access to the prebuilt dashboard, and in the Zendesk Support dashboard, there's a widget for percentage of Reopened tickets. This wouldn't give you the exact count, but as alternative, you can filter the dashboard this to see the reopen rate/percentage for email and WhatsApp tickets for a specific date. 
  • Taylor P.
    Could you think about reopen rate as the opposite of this metric that we have:
    • One-touch tickets: The percentage of messaging tickets that were solved in the first interaction, determined by transitioning from Open to Solved, without going through Pending or On-hold.
    So if your One-touch % is 80% that means your reopen rate is 20%?
  • Fran
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Taylor!

    To complement the definition you posted, please review this article. It is specifically mentioned (in the article) that even in the case the ticket is reopened by a customer posting a comment (such as 'Thank you') and the agent solves the ticket without replying back, it'd still count as a one-touch ticket, while simultaneously counting as a reopened ticket.

    Also, a ticket could neither be reopened nor considered one-touch if the customer does not reply after it is solved, but it is marked as 'Pending' or 'On-hold' throughout its lifetime.

    Therefore, I'd be cautious to affirm that the sum of one-touch and reopen tickets would equal the total amount of tickets or that their percentages are complementary.

    Hope this helps!


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