Talk icon in Support disappears

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  • Rosie B.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Dana, 
    The only possible cause for the disappearance of the talk icon is if agents don't have a Talk role/access or if they are experiencing a bad internet connection that will cause the elements not to load in the dashboard. 
    I would recommend the agents clear their cache and cookies and have the affected agent run the test at to ensure ports are open, speed is adequate, and that you're connecting to the right endpoint. Review the results with the help of this article: How do I use the Twilio network test to troubleshoot Talk agent calls?
    Please also make sure that your network meets the Talk networking requirements
    You may find our Talk Troubleshooting Tips helpful as well. Hope this helps! 
  • Sara Young

    Hello, I have an agent having the exact same issue and no changes have been made to the agent settings. She went through all of the twilio network tests and troubleshooting steps above without luck. 

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Sara, 

    I would first verify the agents current role within Talk. You will want to make sure they are showing as either an Agent or Team Lead within Talk. The Admin Role does not have calling permissions. You can check that following the steps below:

    1. In Admin Center, click the People icon () in the sidebar, then select Team > Team members.
    2. On the People page, click the user you want to grant access to Talk. The user you choose must have the User type of Staff member.
    3. In the users profile, under Role, click Manage in Admin Center.Zendesk Admin Center opens on the Roles and access tab.
    4. In the Talk section of the page, enable the Access checkbox. If you don't enable this checkbox, the user cannot access Talk.
    5. From the Role dropdown, choose one of the following Talk roles for this agent. Choose from:
      • Admin: An admin can manage all Talk settings found in Zendesk Support under Channels > Talk, but cannot make or receive calls.
      • Team lead: A team lead is a Talk admin who can also make or receive calls.
      • Agent: The agent will be the role you'll typically give. Agents can make or receive calls only.


    If they are currently showing as Admin, you will want to change that role with one of the other roles that can service calls. 

    I hope that helps! 


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