Azure AD SSO XML error


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  • Russell Chee
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Marcel,
    Thanks for reaching out to Zendesk Support, my name is Russell and I will be assisting on this ticket, I hope you are doing well!

    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue when trying to setup the Azure SSO with Zendesk. 

    I just wanted to let you know that I've had a look into this particular issue and normally this indicates that there is a configuration setting that's incorrect on the SSO side where your role has not been registered as part of it. I found this third party article here from Microsoft on a community post that makes mention of this.

    I did some more digging and found Microsoft's article on this particular subject that I will attach below:

    To set expectations, this is normally not an issue with Zendesk but once again a configuration issue on the Azure side. If you are able to reach out to your SSO Admins to double check the configuration and ensure that your role from Zendesk is a part of it, that would be a great place to start.

    If you are still having issues after this, could I please request you to provide some more information around this issue? If you're able to provide the SAMLResponse and SAMLRequest XML logs, I can take a look to see if I can spot anything. This should be able to be provided by your SSO Admins. 
    Kind regards, 
  • Eoghan Young

    Hi Marcel,


    Have you ever seen the below error when syncing fields from azure ad into Zendesk?


    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,


  • Gustavo Oliveira
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Eoghan,

    I am reaching out to you on the private ticket for this one.

    Best regards, 
  • Jonathan Panka

    I Have the same issue

  • Paolo
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jonathan,
    If the solution above does not fix your issue, and for us to better understand and assist you, please reach out on our widget and we'll be glad to help further! For more information, you may check this article Contacting Zendesk Customer Support
    Paolo | Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk

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