instagram direct message integration- stories attachment in the ticket not reliable in zendesk

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  • Jordan Abu-Sirriya
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Atef, 
    Thank you for reaching out! When an end-user messages a business's Instagram story, it is expected behavior that only the end-user's message will be displayed in the ticket. There will not be a reference to the Instagram story in the ticket. Hope this helps, and let me know if you need anything else.
  • Adrian Chao

    Hey Jordan Abu-Sirriya, is it on a roadmap to develop such an integration? Customers often initiate conversations with my team via replying to stories or posts, which is usually clearly indicated on Instagram's chat window.

    My workplace regularly posts a sufficiently diverse array of products and services, at a sufficiently high tempo, that it can be difficult or near impossible to figure out what a customer is reacting to.

    More importantly, as our social channels occasionally act as a funnel into product support inquiries, I find it reflects poorly on the brand to have to ask a customer what issue they're inquiring about. Without systems like Zendesk's helpbot to prompt them for more info, it'd be beneficial to have as much context as possible.


  • Arlyanna Pilor

    Hi Jordan Abu-Sirriya - I am having the same issue re this below link,



    I am configuring 8 Zendesk Support instance in total, other 2 are working great because I can't see the emoji reply from Instagram and not being translated as ticket to Zendesk, but other 6 are showing and being translated as tickets on Zendesk, and we want to eliminate that. Pls help. 


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