Preventing loops when using Zendesk API and webhooks together.

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  • Zach Anthony
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey there,

    It sounds like you have an interesting use case! When you are calling the Zendesk REST API to add comments to a ticket, are you using a unique user? Or do you use the same credentials to authenticate to the API to update comments for other purposes?

    While you may not be able to filter out ticket updates with a trigger condition for your use case, if you're using a unique user for this use case, you may be able to use a combination of adding a trigger condition of:

    Update via Is Web service (API)

    and adding {{}} to the body of the webhook request. 

    In relation to your second question, if this doesn't work for you because you aren't using unique user credentials to call the Zendesk API - you are right in that you cannot add an external id to a ticket comment unfortunately. 

    Thanks for sharing your use case, I hope this helps!


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