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  • Dekbi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Davide,
    In order to avoid the key presses and route the call automatically to a group, you can use the group routing procedure instead of using an IVR. However, you may need different numbers per group because if you will route calls to multiple groups, call routing will be determined by an agent's online status and there will be no hierarchy in those groups that you selected.
    For your reference: Routing incoming calls to groups of agents
    Also, I would like to add that if you do not wish to have key presses at all being offered, you may need to disable "Customer Callback" as if it is enabled, it will ask the customer to press "2" if they wish to have a call back instead.
    For your reference: Enabling customer callback


    I trust this helps! Have a good day!


  • Andrea Rijna

    I'm looking into this as well. Is it still possible to add your welcome message somewhere when the call is routed to a certain call group straight away?


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