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  • Lucia Johnson Seller

    Hi @..., thanks for this post! I wanted to register for track 3 but the "Save your Seat" "Broadcast 1" and  "Broadcast 2" buttons on that page don't work when I click to register. Could someone look into that? Thanks so much!

  • Gabi Laing
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Lucia Johnson Seller, so sorry for the trouble! The Save your seat button jumps to the broadcast links, and you'll be able to choose your track once the show kicks off. 

    I'm not seeing any issues with the 2 broadcast links, but I'll provide the direct links below.

    Broadcast 1:

    Broadcast 2:

    If you do continue to have trouble accessing any of the links, I'd recommend clearing your browser's cache and reloading the page. Please feel free to reach back out if you're still having any trouble!


  • CJ Johnson

    Just FYI, sign up appears to be broken still, there's no way to complete the form. Hop in routes you to this URL:

    Which has no way to finish the sign up, it wants a selection and has nothing at all to select. 

    EDIT: It appears Hop-in is pushing customers to your employee sign-up: 

    Additionally, the Relate email has a link to sign up at which has no way to sign up for Relate from there. 

    Also -- it appears the event you held in March has a glitch and is still going, so Hop-in is constantly alerting me that the event is live *right now* even though it isn't: 

    Anyways, I know I signed up for Relate, because I got a confirmation email, but anything Hop-in related is routing me to sign up at your employee only page. I tried to search for a customer facing link but it came back empty: 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi CJ, can you give it another try?

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