Dissuade users from sending in multiple tickets


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  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I just want to make sure you are aware of the Business Hours feature. Administrators can set business hours and holidays. 

    The triggers that respond to ticket creation and ticket updates can then be tailored for in hours, out of hours and holidays. It may be that giving a specific message for each is clearer to the customer?

  • Wattpad Help

    ZZ Graeme Carmichael We have business hours set up! I'll look into different responses based on our hours, but unfortunately even during business hours, often times if a user doesn't receive a response in >2 minutes they'll send in duplicate tickets. I just don't think users are reading the auto-responses.

  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    At the moment it's not possible to do have a clean check if the user already has an open use case.
    All though I do think this will be possible once Conversation Orchestration is more widely available.

    Tip: Although there is something that comes close, it takes some effort to automatically close tickets when a user already has a ticket. This tip requires 1 custom User Field and 3 triggers.

    1. Create a user field – Checkbox: User already has a ticket
    This checkbox is located on the User Profile, and we need this to set and check against in the triggers.

    2. Create a trigger – Auto solve user with a ticket
    Conditions: [ Requester Field: User already has a ticket ] [ is ] [ checked ]
    Action: [ Status ] [ Solved ]

    3. Create trigger – Set the user field 
    Conditions: [ Ticket ] [ is ] [ created ]
    Conditions: [ Requester Field: User already has a ticket ] [ is ] [ unchecked ]
    Action: [ Requester Field: User already has a ticket ] [ checked ]

    4. Create trigger – Uncheck the user field upon solve
    Conditions: [ Ticket ] [ is ] [ updated ]
    Conditions: [ Status ] [ is ] [ solved ]
    Conditions: [ Requester Field: User already has a ticket ] [ is ] [ checked ]
    Action: [ Requester Field: User already has a ticket ] [ unchecked ]

    Of course, you can expand the triggers actions, and conditions to send messages to customers.
    But it definitely helps manage the operational load for your team.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Wattpad Help, there isn't a way to control how many requests a user creates, assuming you mean something like a 'cooldown period' for end-users.

    I haven't had to deal with a situation like this in the past but just to try and understand the context a bit better, if you can please clarify:

    • When you say "at a time", do they send multiple tickets within ten minutes? One hour?
    • Are these cases coming via email and/or web form (i.e. help center) or does it happen with other channels?
    • Do the requests have anything in common regarding the topic or context? In other words, is there a specific user experience that is causing this?
    • Do you inform users about their ticket ID in the ticket created notification? (I mean using {{ticket.id}} instead of #{{ticket.id}})

    Additionally, and especially if a user's following requests are created after the first request notification:

    • The copy promises a response in 12-48 hours, is this a goal you always achieve? Could this be too long for the user to wait? In other words: when they create their second ticket, how long have they been waiting regarding the first?
    • "Please note our business hours are 9 AM-5 PM EST, Monday-Friday." If they create the second and additional tickets after the first ticket's notification is sent, it could happen that users dislike having to wait for specific problems they consider urgent. A suggestion would be editing your email HTML template and move your working hours to the footer.
    • "Please do not send another ticket as this will move your request down in the priority queue." Could it be that this only makes things worse, in some way? That is, a frustrated user might be upset by this and do the complete opposite.

    This is very subjective and difficult to analyze, of course... And depending on how frustrated users are when asking for help, any message asking them to wait or be patient could potentially trigger the opposite behavior.

    Have you tried different texts to compare the user behavior/responses? Here's a nice tip on how to A/B test email notifications in Support.

  • Rina

    We have the same problem which is quite prevalent at this time, so I understand your pain Wattpad Help - we've customer sending in an initial ticket (form or email), we trigger an auto response with something to the affect of:

    'please continue to respond to your original enquiry reference, to keep all your correspondence in one place and to avoid delays'...

    It seems that it doesn't dissuade customers from sending in new forms, and/or responding to other emails (such as dispatch notifications for example) to query the same issue but by another route in. This can result in multiple enquires where we find later on, after solving the original ticket. It also makes our queue look incredibly longer, whereas 5 out of 10 tickets to complete are one customer about the same issue.


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