Migrating from JIRA Cloud to server, how will Zendesk data migrated?


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  • Fellipe M.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Swati,
    Although this article mentions when moving from Jira Server to Jira Cloud, the information is still similar to your case. You will need to contact Zendesk Support to request the transfer of your links to the new integration by providing the following information:
    • Old Jira Server instance base URL
    • New Jira Cloud instance base URL
    • Zendesk subdomain
    • Confirmation that all Jira issue IDs and issue keys remain the same
    Before migrating, I also recommend you check the Jira Server-specific instructions on this article.
    I hope it helps. Please feel free to contact the Support team if you have more specific questions.
  • Mathieu Lepoutre

    Hi Swati


    When migrating from JC to JS, the process of migrating Zendesk data would require a separate approach, as Zendesk and JIRA are two different systems. Zendesk data migration typically involves exporting data from Zendesk and then importing it into the JIRA Server.

    To achieve this, it's my understanding that using Exalate will be really beneficial for you.

    Exalate is a powerful integration platform that not only allows you to synchronize data between different instances of JIRA but also supports integrations with other systems like Zendesk.

    I have been using it for quite a while and it instantly jumped in my thoughts reading this post. It is an integration solution that works super fast in my opinion. Hope to have helped you and have a great day!


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