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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Tim,

    If I'm understanding you correctly, you could potentially use a webhook to update a ticket field. I'd recommend taking a look at the following article which goes over creating webhooks and how to use them within triggers: Creating webhooks in Admin Center
    I hope this points you in the right direction!
  • Sam

    Hi Tim Bradgate!

    Not natively, but you can use the API in conjunction with a Webhook and Trigger to make these updates. See below:

    1. Create a Webhook target with the following information:

    • Go to Admin Center from Zendesk Products -> Admin Center
    • In Admin Center, select Apps and Integrations -> Webhooks
    • Provide the following:
    • -- Name for your Webhook
    • -- Endpoint URL:  https://subdomain.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/{{ticket.id}}.json
    • -- Request Method: PUT
    • -- Request Format: JSON
    • -- Authentication: Basic authentication
    • -- Username: email@domain.com/token
    • -- Password: Your API token

    2. Create a trigger that notifies the webhook

    • Set up a trigger as normal, something like Ticket = Created and Form = XYZ (or whatever values make your trigger true)
    • Under Add Actions, select Notify Active Webhook
    • Select your newly created webhook
    • Under JSON body, use the following template:
    "ticket": {
    "custom_fields": { "field_id_to_update": "value" }

    In the above, update field_id_to_update with the custom field ID, and the value with whatever you want the text field to be!

  • Lou
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2022

    What they said. You can update just about any field that way. We use a trigger to update the subject using a webhook and JSON.

    {"ticket": {"subject": "{{ticket.title}} [{{ticket.ticket_field_360042229672}}]"}}

    This is the webhook:

  • Walter

    Tim Bradgate

    The above suggestions work, but you need to be careful with your conditions.  Also see https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408882855578-Can-I-use-a-trigger-and-a-webhook-to-update-tickets-


  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    I'm having trouble getting this to work. I get a 200 OK on the webhook, so it's not an error with the webhook itself, but the field is just not updating in the ticket.

    I'm looking to get the value of a lookup field to update a text field.

    My JSON payload is (same if I use {{ticket.ticket_field_18864920793879}}):

        "ticket": {
            "id": 9141268150423, "value": "{{ticket.ticket_field_option_title_18864920793879}}"

    Where 9141268150423 is my text field, 18864920793879 is the lookup field. Does this not work with look-up fields?



  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Carmelo!

    I created a ticket for you, I'll assist you there!

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