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  • Heather Rommel
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    Hi there,

    I think you can leverage SLAs (first response time) and Automations for this...

    Set your desired first response time in your Service Level Agreements and then you can create an automation like this with actions that you prefer, i.e. email the assignee or email the group... or even notify a webhook to post a private comment (some additional set up required for that).

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    As Heather said, you can do this via SLAs, which would then display timers on each ticket. And through Automations you can get notified. However, Automations only run once an hour, so it won't help if there are very tight timelines for the notifications you want to send. App partners like Sweethawk and Myndbend can solve for those needs however.

  • Denis Oskolkov
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    Appreciate the prompt response! 

    I'm looking into mentioned vendors to see if they can address what we are looking for. 

    While we of course leverage SLAs, the use case is narrower here. I'm looking into ways how we can improve our AHT adherence. Specifically, in addition to the ZDs timer app, a proactive reminder for agents to inform that they've been looking at a ticket for 20-30 minutes with no change in the ticket. The hypothesis is that such a reminder, will invite agents to take a different angle on the ticket at hand (using internal policies / mechanisms) which will, in turn, contribute to reducing AHT. 

    I couldn't find any API support for ZD's timer app, could you please confirm there is none? 


  • Gertrudis Mutiara

    hi scot, regarding on this (link)

    could you please inform us that it will work as the use case above ? if yes, do u mind to show us ?



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