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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Rick -
    At a high level, the cost per ticket could be calculated simply as your total monthly support team expenses divided by the number tickets solved per month. It sounds like you're wanting to get more granular, only factoring in your team's ticket-handling time into your expenses. In order to do that, you'll need to use Handle Time, as full resolution time is the entire time from ticket creation to final resolution, regardless of how much time agents were actually working the ticket during that time. However, handle time is not automatically tracked in Zendesk.
    To get handle time, you'll need to install the free Time Tracking app from our Marketplace. This will only be able to track time going forward from the time your team starts using it though, so you wouldn't be able to look backwards before that. As a fallback, if you could estimate (via polling, scheduling, and/or observation) the amount of time your agents generally spend working on tickets, that could provide a decent estimate on their total ticket-handling time. 
    Hope that helps.

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