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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Niina, 

    Thanks for the feedback. We hear ya!  We will be looking into improving this general area but at this time, it is not on the short term roadmap. 


  • Daniel Seawright

    I agree! This would be a good option to have. At minimum it would be nice to have After Hours roll in to a separate IVR. Currently the only options are to be directed straight to voicemail or rollover to a second number. This forces you in to having a separate number just to have a different IVR.

  • mokebo Operations

    Hi there!

    We also need the Talk call-back request function to work when our agents are offline. We only use Zendesk Talk for outgoing calls as we don't offer a hotline. So we are always offline and with that it's not even possible to use the call back request even though it is especially needed in our case! doesn't seem intuitive that the widget only appears when an agent is online.. don't customer request a call-back when there is no agent available?! which would be either when all agents are already on the phone OR in our case when there's no one online?

    Best regards,


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