Calls not routing correctly


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  • Shannon Pesta
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Catriona! Welcome to the Community! 

    The behavior you outlined sounds like you may also be using brands with your Talk numbers. Using brands in Talk, changes the behavior slightly. 

    When placing calls from within an existing ticket, the system will use the same number that was used by the caller.

    If the ticket was not created by a phone call, or you use the Call option and manually enter the number in the dial pad, the system uses the topmost line in the line pick-list of the brand associated with the ticket.

    As you mentioned, a solution would be to manually enter the number in the dial pad and select the preferred outgoing Talk number. You can also start the call by selecting the number within the user's profile.

    I understand this is likely not the most flexible way to handle this we looking into alternatives. Hope that helps!

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