Different threads for same SMS customer?


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  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Bradley,

    The expectation is a customer should have 1 open (or unclose) SMS ticket at a time, and everything should be threading to that ticket. This is because there is no way for an SMS ticket to have context on where a reply should thread. Unlike Email tickets which have extra details that allow them to know the context and thread to the right support ticket (for example: the Message ID on the email).

    If the customer's initial ticket is already resolved, and you want their new SMS to create a new ticket, you can make use of Automation or Trigger to close the initial ticket. Closed tickets can no longer be modified so new SMS coming from that customer will create a new ticket. There's no SMS timeout, and the ticket will keep on re-opening from Solved or Pending if the end-user replies. 

    You can use either an Automation or Trigger to set those SMS tickets' status to Closed.

    Hope this clarifies!

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