Give Admins the ability to change Agent Status in Omnichannel

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  • Luke Dobson

    This would be really helpful

  • Alice Vavasseur


  • John

    The lack of any sort of admin functionality for agent statuses makes Omnichannel something we're not currently able to implement.

    It seems the system automatically sets an Agent as Online even if they haven't accessed Zendesk since Routing is enabled, so tickets will be routed to an Agent who isn't there. 

    And there's no way for an admin to change the status. 

  • John

    Also found that the status and routing do not respect settings from the Out of Office app (created by Zendesk). So, even if an Agent is set as Unavailable via the app (so that no new tickets can be assigned to them), Routing still assigns tickets to them. 

    It'd be great if the two functionalities worked together. 

  • Krista Zaloudek

    This would be extremely helpful! +1 for the Out of Office app settings to be respected by this enhancement as well!

  • Moran R. Gilboa

    I think this is an essential requirement for this feature; management, or even other agents, should be able to change status in case of emergency, agents go offline and may be driving or just out, and this can lead to missed work/calls, which is a big issue.

  • Lisa

    This is a necessary requirement for admins to be able to control agent status in omni channel.  



  • Tendai Rioga

    This would be very beneficial.


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