Prioritize calls to certain agents - Ability to put agents as 'backup' (while online) if the others are busy


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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Tiziana,

    Attaching an article on 'group routing' for your reference. This should provide a lot of answers to your question. In addition, skills based routing is on our short term roadmap so when that is rolled out, it will provide an additional way to help with your use case.


    Hello Rice, Amanda (CI-StPaul),

    Thank you for your question. Your use case looks like it's something we currently solve with our overflow functionality.  Please get that a try and let us know if that solves your use case.



  • Amanda Rice

    We also need this functionality. Is there any way to set this up with Triggers, Omnichannel, Groups, or otherwise? All attempts to achieve the desired state shown below have failed. Incoming calls always follow round-robin. 

  • Tiziana Plumitallo

    Hi Sean Chuang

    Thank you for the link, in here I can find how to route to groups, while it would be nice to route to specific agents, inside the same group, if the other agents are busy. So they act as a backup. As shown in the chart from Rice, Amanda (CI-StPaul)

    The overflow of Zendesk is only available when the voicemail is OFF, unfortunately. So it does not currently apply to our IVR. 

    Thank you,



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