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  • Jyotirmoy Nath

    Yes, there are a few tools that can help in bidirectional synchronization between Zendesk tickets and Jira tasks.  However, selecting the right tool is difficult, as most tools look the same from an outer perspective.

    To help you select the right integration approach and tool, you should first define your integration requirements and selection criteria. From my experience, the following are the key considerations to keep in mind, as part of the selection criteria:   

    • Integration Modeling and Richness:
    1. Determine whether a User Interface (UI) is available to model entities, field values, and flow, or if coding/scripting or manual effort is required.
    2. Understand the data the tool can integrate (Tasks, Epics, Bugs, and Stories, (along with attachments, links, comments, mentions, and inline images) on Jira and the tickets on Zendesk, and the data that the tool cannot integrate. Evaluate the volume of coordination effort among team members required for sync reliability and completeness issues.
    3. For bidirectional synchronization, there is a possibility of data being updated simultaneously in Jira and Zendesk. As part of the evaluation, analyze which tool supports conflict management in such cases.  
    • Maintenance: 
    1. As part of the evaluation, understand whether the tool supports automated or Excel-based mapping, for non-standard user representation or for mismatched usernames. This can save a lot of manual effort in case no. of users is huge.

    OpsHub Integration Manager, a Zendesk partner offers a federated integration platform that can help ease your integration journey. If you change the status on the Jira task, it also changes on the Zendesk ticket, and in the same way, if you change the Zendesk ticket, it also changes on the Jira task. You can reach out to OpsHub’s integration experts for a discussion on how to set up bidirectional integration between Zendesk and Jira. 

  • Marwan Al Jeburi

    Hi Eduardo Cunha,

    Considering it is not specifically stated I guess you are using the ZenDesk to Jira integration tool.

    I don't see a way directly for configuring the Status of a ticket to be added on either side.

    Could you also provide some more info about your use case for this integration? what kind of information do you send from ZenDesk to Jira and are you also receiving data/info from Jira to ZenDesk and/or is that needed?

    What I can provide you with as a good solution and alternative that would provide many other benefits is the Exalate Solution.

    Exalate is fully decentralised, so it provides you full control on which data you send from ZenDesk to Jira including status sync. It also provides you with easy status mapping between the platforms as they can be setup differently with status flows that are different. 

    The receiving end (Jira here) can also easily dictate how the received information is being processed and displayed in the issues. 

    Please let me know if you need any more information or assistance.


    Kind regards,




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