Reporting on historical agent login times

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  • Lou
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    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2022

    Jake Warren

    To the best of my knowledge, that functionality is not available, nor is it on any roadmap that I'm aware of. You "can" export your audit log and manually manipulate that date, but it would be somewhat time consuming.

  • CJ Johnson

    Lou I would assume that that's why this is being posted in feedback as a request to add this as a feature. It wouldn't make much sense to post it, if it was available. 

    I've been begging for this feature for years as well, I'd love to see this in Explore. 

    Also, this is literally the thing that is preventing Zendesk from being able to let us calculate "Occupancy", ironically one of the "6 customer service KPIs every support team should track" that Zendesk posts about. I asked Zendesk and they told me they use a third party reporting tool to get this, because Zendesk can't use Zendesk to get this critical info. I think this is pretty embarrassing for Zendesk, but as you can see, years have passed and they are still touting this as a top metric without making it available in their product, so I guess they don't care how bad this looks. 

  • Tom Erik Skjønsberg
    Zendesk Luminary


    I don't think there are words to describe the disappointment in seeing you say that it is not on any roadmap, considering 2 separate product managers have been promising that this is definitely coming in Q2, Q3 and Q4 of last year.

    Of course, the fact that Zendesk has failed to deliver this after 4 years of promises should have been a hint I guess.

  • Jake Warren

    Lou - CJ is correct, my intent in posting was for this feature to be considered in future updates. 

    Regarding the roadmap, is there a place we can self-serve for a high level view of what the roadmap is and what the development efforts look like for 2023?



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