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  • Christopher Kennedy
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Slavomír,
    The Incremental Ticket Metric Events endpoint will return Apply SLA events.  These are events where the SLA policy is applied on the ticket or the SLA target on the ticket changes.  So even though this API doesn't return a singular counter figure, it does return the context needed to understand the time until the next breach.
    For example on a ticket with a requester wait time SLA applied:
    • An activate event triggers on ticket creation to mark the start of the requester wait time metric counter.  Here the clock starts on that metric, regardless of whether an SLA is later applied to the ticket.
    • After a change to the ticket, conditions allow a requester wait time SLA to be applied.  This triggers an Apply SLA event noting the policy and the target.
    • Now with the context of when the clock started on the metric and the active policy applied to the ticket,  you can calculate the time until the next breach.

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